management consulting

We offer consulting services for public and private sector companies:

  • Sustainability strategy and product development (Environmental, Social and Governance) 

  • Integrated Reporting and Sustainability Reporting advisory services (IIRC Framework, GRI G4, CDP, King III and IV)

  • Evaluation, gap analysis and recommendation to improve reporting process (systems, processes and assurance preparation)

  •        Financial Valuation Tool for Sustainable Investments (Quantifying the benefit of projects)

training and development

We deliver capacity building and skills development training:

  • Specialised, bespoke and practical training for new inductees (making the right connection between practical workplace orientation and organisational shared value) 

  • Development seminars and workshops to understand corporate sustainability and reporting (making the right connection to embed sustainability and ESG thinking into the company's DNA)

  • The "Straight Outta Campus" work support programme for building successful corporate careers (making the right connection to translate what you learn into how to earn)

Partnerships on disruptive technology

We welcome discussion on empowerment partnerships in the disruptive technology sector. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Sustainable and renewable energy (Solar, biofuel, wind, hydro and others) 

  • Drone technology

  • 3D printing

  • Innovative Fintech and finance models for sustainable development

  •        Education (STEM and others)
  •        Mining and Beneficiation 

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