Mr. Moodley is a sustainability professional and social entrepreneur. He has worked in public and private sector institutions across industries such as Financial Services, Mining, Management Consulting, Healthcare and within Parastatal organisations. He has delivered sustainability projects from industry-leading corporate reporting in Mining and Financial Services to innovative developmental projects. He is well networked in the private sector with leadership in many JSE and NYSE listed companies.

He has competencies in Sustainability Strategy, Training and Education, Mining, Financial Services and on International Environmental, Social, Governance and Climate Change issues. He represents the business constituency for Africa sustainability reporting related matters on the Global Reporting Initiative Stakeholder Council. He is interested in using  disruptive tech models for addressing development . To create, connect and integrate is his purpose.



subethri naidoo

With 30 years of experience, Ms. Naidoo is a well rounded, credible and adaptable individual with strong leadership, strategy, decision making, and communication skills. She has particular strengths in understanding and responding effectively to various institutional and development issues within an often contested political context.

She is politically astute and effective in negotiating challenging environments successfully. She is most effective at building relationships and networks by focusing on achieving agreed strategic direction and taking critical decisions and actions to mobilise teams to accomplishment. Her Masters in Management combined with international training in the UK, USA and South Africa have developed her skills in the sector.
She is extremely well networked with government, international development agencies and civil society organisations and is able to leverage these relationships very strategically to deliver on particular objectives.


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