Creating shared value by connecting individual aspirations with development inspiration

Who we are

A social enterprise working to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to promote the creation and implementation of innovative sustainable development projects in Africa. The underlying ethos is 'making the right connection' in sustainability, by adopting uniquely African strategies to achieve broader development goals. A synapse is the gap that is "joined" in the brain when neurons fire, enabling learning, in the same way Sustainability Synapse aims to join the synergies that potentially exist in creating a more sustainable Africa. Specific areas of focus are renewable and sustainable energy, education, localisation and disruptive technology applications.

our purpose

To create shared value by connecting individual goals with broader development objectives. We aim to create an environment that supports individual career aspirations by linking these goals with projects in developmental areas such as transformation and localisation of labour, environmental stewardship and socio-economic reform.

our vision

To create African synergies for the development of our continent. These synergies are based on improving business through the alignment of business targets with national and global sustainable development goals in a way that creates shared value for stakeholders.

our strategy

Our five strategic objectives are to:

  • Supporting individuals and allowing them to grow in their career pathways

  • Identify projects across public and private sectors which support the transition towards achieving shared value

  • Innovate using data, expertise, and experience to expand our development footprint in supporting the sustainability agenda

  • Partner with disruptive technology companies to deliver entrepreneurial support and connect business with development objectives

  • Contribute to socio-economic transformation and enable stakeholder trust in African organisations

our credo

It's not what we do AFTER we create value, but HOW we create value

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